As High as the Scooter Can Fly

"Once upon a time, but not so long ago, in a little house with a little garden, there lived a woman named Layla. This woman, of whom our story tells, was married to a man she did not love."

Written with soft-pedaled irony, captivating charm, and tremendous heart, Lia Nirgad's "As High as the Scooter Can Fly" will seduce fans of Alice Hoffman, Angela Carter, and "The Little Prince": it is the perfect grown-up fairy-tale.
Stuck in a small suburban house, with three daughters and an impressively dull husband who leaves her frozen inside, Layla dreams of far-off lands and a more fabulous life, asking herself, as Peggy Lee did, "Is That All There Is?" (But don't we all sometimes ?!) With fairy tale logic, her wish for travel makes it so-if you don't ask you don't get-and she discovers in her backyard a flying scooter, covered by vines, dead leaves, and lots of dust. And of course, if you remember your dream and brush off the dead leaves and dust and untangle the vines, things can start to happen. And they do.  Overlook Press, 2002

A feminist tale for all good men and women who fancy they sleep well at night" Kirkus Reviews"

"Nirgad updates the standard-issue, trapped-princess story line to include such decidedly un-Disney-like challenges as male chauvinism, spousal abuse, divorce, and child custody battles. Yet for all these heavy emotional issues, Nirgad's tone is Sleeping Beauty-perfect: light and glib, and oh so delectably tongue-in-cheek. A delightful fantasy, fetchingly told." Carol Haggas, Booklist

Layla und die magische Reise zum Glück,
, 2002

Ψηδά όσο  Πετάει το Πατίνι,
Livanis, 2002


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